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Heuer Diver 973.008 Ladies 2000 Series

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Heuer Diver 973.008 Ladies 2000 Series, c1984/5, 200m, 28mm Case

Yet another tiny 28mm cased ladies Heuer Diver. This 2000 series was short lived, being available for a limited period just before the TAG takeover of Heuer, so there aren’t many around. These are great little watches, their design has aged well, and wouldn’t look out of place if launched today. This model has the factory bead blasted case and bracelet, and with it’s cool reverse triangular hour markers looks very ‘tool like’, even if it is a lady-like 28mm case. (It’s actually a bit wider including the crown).

Being a later model, it features nice touches – a signed Heuer crown and caseback. The bracelet is particularly nice too. Many vintage ladies divers tend to have a more delicate linked bracelet, this one mimics the gents version being chunky and has a proper professional dive watch quality to it.

The ‘all-grey’ sister version of this watch can be seen here: Ladies 972.008.

Written by Heuerville

September 2, 2012 at 11:54 am

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  1. Can’t find reference to my ladies diver 2000. 974.008. After years of perfect service, took it in thinking it needed a battery. After $295 worth of service and three new batteries, the watchmaker in Tucson simply pronounced it “an old watch, you just need to buy something else.” I love this watch, and made many happy dives with it. Any advice? It keeps time for weeks, then stops.

    Pamela Summerlin

    July 11, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    • I do hope the $295 wasn’t for one service! If it runs, then stops; this is a sign that it’s hopefully not terminal. Obviously I can’t accurately diagnose it from a simple description, but my guess would be that the gear train could have some fluff/debris in it. When it stops, does the seconds hand ‘pulse’ on the spot? If so, could be the gear train. I’d try a different watchmaker. I don’t know which movement is fitted to your watch, but it will be written on it somewhere – likely to be ETA ???.??? format. If it is beyond repair, you can hunt around online for a replacement, or worse case scenario is to buy another watch (on ebay) and have the movement transplanted. (even that could cost less than $295!)


      July 12, 2013 at 8:58 am

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