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Heuer Titanium 820.208 Ladies

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Heuer Titanium 820.208 Ladies – Series One 28mm, 100m, Ti & Gold c1983

Heuers Titanium series was a real breakthrough when they hit the market around 1983. It’s a material often associated with todays high end timepieces, and one again shows Heuers forward thinking development of materials and precision timing well before others were even considering it. Heuers are often catagorized as ‘good ol’ vintage watches’, but if you ever get the chance to read any of the interviews that Jack Heuer has given over the years. you’ll discover that he was, and still is, a driving force for embracing new technology, from solid state quartz to the Titanium series.

This Ladies model is from the ‘Series One’ of the Titanium series. These aren’t seen that often and it’s great to handle it with it’s original bracelet. It is the titanium & gold model, with uni-rotating bezel. The bezel numerals  and dots would have originally been black filled, but it’s rare to find any Titanium model with all the black intact, it appears it was quite fragile and the markings shallow. Yes, this is a tiny watch, at just 28mm, but even so, it is incredibly light. The ‘moon dust’ dial is quite something, I’d never seen one up close before, and it’s quite striking.

Read more about the Titanium Series over on Calibre 11, where there is a comprehensive write-up.

See it here in the 1985 Catalogue over on Calibre 11.

Written by Heuerville

August 25, 2012 at 12:48 pm

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