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Breitling Chrono Avenger Titanium

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Breitling Chrono Avenger Ti E13360B, 2002

Well, this is a bit of a departure for me, and I have to say, I like it.. a lot. I’m currently drawn strongly towards tool watches, maybe this is why the Chrono Avenger appeals so much. It’s stunning Titanium case is very toolish, I also think that it also gives it a lived-in vintage feel. The titanium is odd stuff, it retains fingerprints, smudges and even if you gently wipe it with a damp cloth, it dries to a.. well, to an almost patina type effect. The way the light plays of the various surfaces of it is just lovely, it can look dull and moody but still have a hint of sparkle.

It does look bad-ass, and it’s nice to have a modern watch where I don’t have to worry about getting it wet – especially as this is rated to 300m. Another bonus is that is looks completely different dependent on which strap you wear on it. A distressed brown leather looks great, as does a straight black leather strap, it even looks pretty darn good on a NATO. The titanium bracelet is great though, really looks tough on it. I’m not that educated on all things Breitling, but as I understand it, this is a later model, which has the supposedly more desirable Pro2 bracelet.

There are a few highlights that I love.. the crystal isn’t flat.. it has a gently dome to it, which is a elegant touch, it helps show off the blue anti-glare across the glass. Talking if which, the anti-glare coating is a pleasure too, this is the first watch I’ve had with it on.. I just love the fact that the dial has a magical deep blue-purple depth to it, which will give way to seeing the dial in it’s native matt black state, absolutely crystal clear. The bezel has a superbly engineered feel to it, with 120 precise clicks. I especially like the fact that the ring nearest the glass stays static, and the bezel rotates around it, a very nice touch.

The movement is highly accurate, it is a heavily modified Valjoux 7750, called the Caliber Breitling 13 (or B13), obviously a Auto chrono date, with a 42 hour reserve. If you don’t own a Breitling, I can only recommend you get your hands on one, I have a feeling this will be a favourite do-anything-go-anywhere tool watch.

More info here on BreitlingSource.com

Written by Heuerville

May 4, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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  1. Just the coolest watch out there. Very understated, the titanium isn’t bling at all. Looks great on the new Pro Diver II rubber strap as well 🙂
    Great write up


    November 21, 2012 at 10:30 am

  2. Any info on the brown distressed leather strap? Thanks

    Drew Ruggles

    June 12, 2013 at 7:34 am

    • It’s a standard brown strap that I distressed & oiled. Came with a watch I bought, no idea who makes it.


      June 12, 2013 at 8:31 am

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