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TAG Heuer 273.006-1 / 2000 Series

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TAG Heuer 273.006-1 Chrono / 2000 Series. c1986-90

Some of you might think I’m posting the same watch again, as this is the twin brother of the 273.306 Tachy I posted a few weeks ago. It’s essentially identical, but has a minute bezel instead of a tachy bezel. Nicely sized, at a width of 41mm, these 2000’s sit nicely on the wrist and have quiet a low profile. They are extremely well made too, with the factory beadblasted case, crown and pushers are very tool-like. Originally designed under Heuer, these black & silver dialed 2000 series chronographs are quite stunning when studied closely, especially when offset with creamy lume like this one. The ‘-1’ signifies that this was either a very early or very late version, most probably identical, but this is a common theme throughout the Heuer/TAG Heuer range when the model numbers were transitioned over from Heuer.

This model also featured the ‘super-quartz’ Calibre. 185 movement – it uses the Dubois Depraz 2000 chronograph module mated with a quartz engine.

It can be seen in the 1990 TAG Heuer catalogue on OTD. The model to the left in the catalogue (273.206) is identical but with a part polished case & bracelet.

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TAG Heuer 273.306 / 2000 Series

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TAG Heuer 273.306 Chrono Tachy / 2000 Series. c1986-90

Originally designed under Heuer, the 2000 series chronographs are great watches, personally I think they are stunning. The size and balance is spot on. This is a rarely seen model, which has a tachy scale bezel. These are more regularly seen with a Minute bezel, but is actually a different model number. As I mentioned, these were also sold as Heuers, and was marketed with the Pilot. Apart from in the catalogues, I’ve never seen a Heuer version , ever.. in fact, I’ve never seen another one of these in TAG guise. (Specifically with the Tachy bezel).

They are stunning in the flesh, with the silver subdials with concentric grooved circles. I particularly love the triangular hour markers, I’ve said it before about these early 2000 designs, they have a military/tool-ness to them, these have gone a delectable creamy colour too. The fluted pushes hints back to the early Heuers, and I know it sounds silly.. but you can see the DNA of the early Heuer Autavias in the design, with the charcoal/black dial and grooved sub dials. Again, this features the ‘super-quartz’ Calibre. 185 movement – it uses the Dubois Depraz 2000 chronograph module mated with a quartz engine.

A fellow collector (Thanks Rob) also pointed out that the dial is marked ‘Chronograph’ like on the earlier Heuer versions, TAG Heuer changed the lettering to ‘Professional’, so I can only deduct that this is a very early version from c1986.

I can’t actually find this in any TAG Heuer catalogue, primarily because they aren’t archived online or with collectors as much as the Heuer versions are. It is however seen in pre-TAG guise here on OTD. It’s brothers, with Minute bezels (273.206 & 273.006) can be seen in the 1990 TAG Heuer catalogue on OTD.

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