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TAG Heuer Super Professional 840.006

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TAG Heuer Super Professional 840.006, 1000m. Monocoque case. ETA 2892

This is my second SP, a rarely seen early version of this well respected tool watch. This variant replaced the Heuer (non-TAG) dialed version. It has a more rounded case than the later (840.006-2) model, but I can’t tell the difference! The dial chapter ring is polished (black in the later version) and the clasp has the trademark ‘vintage straight’ security clasp.

This watch came from Scotland and had obviously seen some use,  as the bezel lume had turned orange, most probably due to sea water. Nice to know it’s has been used in anger – maybe deep sea oil rig work, who knows! It has recently come back from Satintime, where Bry worked his magic and relumed the bezel and hands. He also kindly fitted a new crown and pressure tested it (to 100m I think).

Another difference from the later models… the tiny inner hour markers on the bezel were actually lume filled out of the factory. These are impossible to relume properly, you just can’t get the lume material & waterproof top layer in the small space. Bry advised against it, as the lume would simply deteriorate very quickly. This explains why it’s common to see examples with the lume missing or heavily deteriorated. No wonder they were black filled in later revisions. (I had this one black filled – it looks better anyway!)

I’ve mention before in an earlier post about my later edition Super Pro, these are such cool watches, well made and, IMHO a cut above many TH divers that followed it.

Written by Heuerville

March 21, 2011 at 2:00 pm