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TAG Heuer Spirotechnique 180.023

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TAG Heuer Spirotechnique 180.023,  ETA 2824-2, 200m, c1986-89

Ahh.. the legendary Spirotechnique.. I’ve been putting off this post, as the Spiro has so much info surrounding it, I thought I’d do a big write up. Thing is, it would be a hefty amount of graft, and the job has already been done already – DC over at Calibre 11 has written a wonderful write up on the Spiro and it’s deep diver brothers.

The long and sort of it, is this..  the Spiro is legendary, there are other watch brands that are also co-branded with the famous ‘ships wheel & diver’ Spirotechnique logo – Doxa, Squale, Triton and Auricoste, so the TAG Heuer nestles amongst highly respected company.

La Spirotechnique is a French company specialising in the manufacture of professional scuba diving equipment. They became world renowned when they invented the first breathing regulator… In 1942 Jacques Yves Cousteau collaborated with engineer Emille Gagnan who was working for L’air Liquide, a company that produced industrial compressed gas systems (for trucks etc). Together they discussed the idea to create a diving regulator. The partnership was successful, and the diving regulator (GC 45) was born.

This TAG Heuer model is a bit of an enigma. Little is known about it’s production dates and numbers. I contacted TAG Heuer, and they got their heritage department to look into it. The problem is, that detailed records from this period are non-existant, due to the turmoil of Heuer being sold to TAG. Records are few and far between, so not much can be officially verified. Collectors seem to be the best source of info, and the best info around is that this watch was sold through specialised diving outlets. It isn’t featured in any Heuer/TAG Heuer catalogues. (this was normal for special editions like this). We (collectors) don’t know the manufacture numbers, but it is presumed to be low. Best guess is that it was available from c1985-90, so Heuer may have commissioned the concept of collaborating with La Spirotechnique, prior to TAG’s takeover.

I could go on for ever, but others have done a far better job at collating all the relevant information…

‘A little history on La Spirotechnique’

Excellent article on Calibre 11

Here is a pair of Spiros, the one on the right is more ‘wabi’d’, with a lovely patina on the dial, I’ll do a separate photoshoot for this watch sometime..

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June 17, 2012 at 9:57 am