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Silverstone Bordeaux 110.313R

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Heuer Silverstone Bordeaux

Heuer Silverstone  110.313B c1975. Cal. 12

I’m lucky enough to get my mitts on another Silverstone.. this time the beautiful Bordeaux, or ‘Red’. It’s interesting that the three Silverstones have different finishes to the dials. The Fume has the sunburst dial, the Blue is lightly brushed and metallic, and the Red, seen here is a flat colour. This may seem ‘plain’ compared to the slightly more exotic finishes of it’s brothers, but the finish of the red dial is sublime. The gloss bordeaux, is wonderful. It has a simple an alluring quality that reflect the ambient light in a wonderful manor.. sometimes it appear almost blue,well, more bluey-purple. Other times it is full red, then almost black.

Like my Blue Silverstone, this Red has been fitted with a new sapphire crystal (yes, I said sapphire)… Rob at Nakai Watches went to great lengths to secure the manufacture of exact replacement sapphire crystals. NOS mineral glasses are like hens teeth, and would cost a fortune, so these new sapphires are a revelation. More details on the sapphire crystals here. Again, like my Blue dial version, I’ve forgone a vintage bracelt of leather/corfam strap in favour of an aftermarket Hadley Roma Oyster bracelet. I think it suits the watch perfectly, and is very well made, it’s solid links adds a hefty weight, with balances the Silverstones big head.

The ‘red’ is the only model that TAG Heuer didn’t release as a ‘re-edition’. The Fume was re-released as a brown colour, the Blue was re-released as a straight blue. There is one exception though.. TAG Heuer built a one off reissue Red, bearing the signature of Jack Heuer, and was sold as part of the Haslinger Collection at the infamous Bonhams auction – it achieved a sum of £12,000, with all proceeds going to charity.

A big thanks goes to Rob at Nakia watches for selling me this wonderful timepiece, and for the sapphire crystal, the infamous DD who got me hooked on the ‘Red’ with his renowned wristshots, and James for fitting the crystal and sorting out a minor hand issue.

Written by Heuerville

February 12, 2012 at 12:28 am