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Heuer Night Diver 980.032L 1000 Series

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Heuer Night Diver 980.032L 1000 Series, 42mm, c1985

This is the second of this version I have owned, and I still don’t get tired of charging up the dial to see that lovely full dial glow. I love the way the dial takes on a green luminescence even in daylight, it’s subtle but very pleasing. This one I picked up a couple of years back, and hails from New York. This is the last of the diver series from Heuer, dating from c1985, before TAG took them over. There are some key differences between this model and the slightly earlier oversized models. The case is slimmer, and the bezel is recessed a tiny bit into the case, which is arguably more comfortable on the wrist, as it’s not as tall. Other differences give it some nice touches, it has a Heuer signed crown and a fully signed caseback with the a large Heuer shield – oh, and most obvious, it has ‘1000’ on the dial. As much as I love the earlier models, these touches really make a difference, and it is a pleasure to own.

This one even has the original correct bracelet, ad although that might not seem like a big deal, as these bracelets aren’t rare, the endlinks for this model differ from the earlier bracelets, and fit the slimmer case perfectly. The case is lovely, barring a few minor marks, it is untouched, which is a bonus, as many have dulled edges from unsympathetic over polishing. It also has a push down crown, and this is the 3rd ‘1000’ series model I’ve had with a push down crown. There was some debate years ago as to whether these were correct or not, but since then myself and many other Heuer diver enthusiasts have confirmed many of the last Heuer diver models had push down crowns. I had this one pressure tested (only to 50m), but it passed no problem. I even asked my watchmeaker to check with TAG Heuer, and they confirmed that push down crowns were used on these later models, as well as screw down crowns. Why the two types, who knows, maybe it was different case manufacturers, which wouldn’t surprise me, as Heuer traditionally used several suppliers for cases and dials.


Written by Heuerville

August 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm