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Heuer Carrera 510.523 Lemania 5100

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Heuer Carrera 510.523

Heuer Carrera 510.523, Lemania 5100, c1983

I really enjoyed the PVD version of this model, so jumped at the chance of trying the stainless version. There is something alluring about the L5100 driven Heuers, they ooze rugged tool watch vibes. This Carrera model doing so without being oversized. It’s comfortable at 38mm across and it’s slender profile. As I have mentioned before when talking about the PVD model, this Carrera is surprisingly well balanced and comfortable, plus seems to suit many strap types – shark-mesh, NATO, leather, bracelet. (Pic above with aftermarket Hadley Roma bracelet)

Released in c1983, this was among the last in the line of the Heuers.. with TAG Heuer running down Heuer signed stock. It was also the last ‘Carrera’ signed model under Heuer (together with the PVD version). It has the ‘Autavia-esk’ sunburst graining to the upper case surface with polished sides. The Carrera is in the spotlight right now with the 50th Anniversary being this year, and this more modern model seems to get overlooked… maybe it’s because they aren’t that common, but it’s a pleasure to wear.

More reading here: http://chronomaddox.com/heuer/articles/carrera_article/_carrera_pt4.html

Seen in these catalogue on OTD…
1983 Catalogue
/  1984-5 catalogue

Carrera 510.523

Carrera 510.523

Carrera 510.523

Carrera L5100's

Carrera 510.523

Carrera Lemania 5100's

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December 26, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Heuer Carrera 3648S

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Heuer Carrera 3648S

Heuer Carrera 3648S, 1964-5, Valjoux 92

Having took the plunge and bought my first 60’s Carrera last year, I got the bug and decided to add this one to the collection too. I’m not really into gold (or plated) watches, but this one was for sale at a very reasonable price over on TZUK, so I thought I’d give it a go.

It is a first execution hands and dial model, dating from 1964-65 (serial 803xx) with 20 micron gold plate and a stainless steel screw back. Powered by a V92 movement, features a 45 min register and continuous seconds hand on the left register. This model features in catalogues: 1964, 65, 68 & 69, and in 1965 cost $74.50USD, which was surprisingly more expensive than the standard stainless steel model, albeit by $5.

It’s in very clean condition. There is some wear to the gold plate, but not really noticeable when on the wrist. I contemplated having it re-plated, but decided against it as I had a bad experience with this in the distant past.

The first thing that struck me was that it wears bigger than you would think of a 36mm watch, and comparing it to my black dialled version, this is mainly due to it being the non-tachy model, so the dial is cleaner and more spread out to the edges – that, and the silver/white dial which always seems to ‘enlarge’ a watches appearance. The matching outer track also makes a big difference. Talking of which, the dial is stunning, with a subtle starburst finish to it, it catches the light beautifully.

I admit that I didn’t wear it much, always choosing to go for my black dial version, so it has since left my collection to be enjoyed by someone who will wear it instead of sitting in a watch box. It was sad to see it go, but maybe it’s just confirms that I’m a stainless case fan after all.. but an exception could be made for the legendary 1153 gold Carrera!

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February 10, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Heuer Carrera 3647NT

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Carrera 3647NT

Heuer Carrera 3647NT, Valjoux 92, 45Min register, 1964

1st execution dial and polished hands, 50-200 tachy scale. Unsigned crown and non-fluted pushers, round screw-back case.

Just to clear up any confusion, this model is listed as being c1968/69 in the MOAT (Mother of all tables) master table on On The Dash. Being a novice to these early Carreras, I checked and this model is listed in the 1964 catalogue, so I contacted one of the Heuer communities Carrera experts, Mark Moss. Mark too was vexed why ‘68/69 was listed in the MOAT, and agreed it’s just a typo, and that this model is indeed from the same period as the other 3647’s an 8’s, and the serial number of this model lands it smack amongst others from 1964. Everything else checked out OK, unsigned crown correct for the period, some of the very early examples had the poly caseback but this round caseback fits in with the date. It’s a fairly rare model too, Mark reckons maybe a ratio of 1/10 compared to red tachy/silver dials.

So, this is a big moment for me.. my first ever 60’s Carrera. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve actually ever seen or handled one in the metal. I bought it from a well regarded fellow US collector, so I knew it would be in good shape.

My only concern was the size, and after opening the packaging, my concerns didn’t go away… blimey it is small, too small.. it’s beautiful, but it’s too small.. I’ll have to sell it. I took a few breaths, grabbed a coffee and calmed down.. from experience I’ve had a knee-jerk reaction to ‘unknown’ models, and have ended up loving them. Before I collected Heuers I used to wear a modestly sized watch, so I decided to wear it and give it time. It worked.

I think I’ve just become accustomed to 40mm+ watches, and because of this, only ever bought large watches, so this Carrera does look tiny (36mm), but it’s just acclimatisation. I’m writing this after wearing this stunning Carrera for just two days, and I have actually got used to the size now, it’s no longer an issue, and I couldn’t be more happy. In fact I put on an Autavia last night and it felt massive!

For a long time I’ve read many words from the usual suspects of the joy of these Carreras (you know who you are – Mark & Paul!!), and now I get it. It’s hard to explain, but the pure design and quality is remarkable. It is simply a joy to look at, I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s not that the quality is better than other Heuers, but it oozes elegance, but also has that rare quality of being cool. Yes, I know that’s subjective.. but this is a stainless steel black dial Carrera we’re talking about. It is subtle, achingly pretty but .. well, just cool. It’s a cool watch, and I love it.

Heuer Carrera 3647NT

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December 8, 2012 at 9:00 pm

Heuer Carrera 510.511 PVD

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Heuer Carrera 510.511 PVD, Lemania 5100 powdered c1983-5

I finally managed to bag one of these uber-cool Lemania 5100 driven Carreras. I have to thank a fellow Swiss collector for allowing me to get my grubby mitts on this mint example of this bad-ass tool watch. The size is perfect, it’s no oversized beast, being 38mm across without the crown. Even though many tool-esk Heuers are bigger, this Carrera is surprisingly well balanced and comfortable, especially shod with a DD handmade strap, (those in the Heuer community know how charming they are.) You really don’t notice you are wearing it, and it can be worn slightly loose on the wrist without the head slip-sliding around.

I find the overall design and case fascinating, the case is unusual in its shape for a Heuer, sort of flat and squarish, imagine a flattened Autavia case, not that dissimilar to the cushion cased/turtleback divers from the 70’s. It’s very utilitarian, it means business, yet at the same time, quite elegant and minimal. The PVD is immaculate, the matt finish soaking up any light.. this gives it a very mil-look appearance, it really is jet black – hold it against almost anything else that is black, that it makes stuff look like a deep grey washed-out black.  And lets not forget this is a Carrera, a legendary name, this model coupled with a legendary movement – the Lemania 5100. Add to the mix an iconic dial design, handset and sublime high acrylic crystal.. and, well.. to be honest, there’s not a lot more you’d want from a watch. Interestingly, Chuck Maddox notes that this was Heuers first use of the Lemania 5100 movement.

Released in c1983, this continued to be available until 1985, so was among the last in the line of the ‘Named’ Heuers. This one has a signed Heuer crown, which I believe is unusual.. in an article by Chuck Maddox, he waxes lyrical about this Lemania driven Carrera, as it was one of his favourite chronographs, being a daily wearer for him. He writes that they do not have a signed crown – whereas my example does.. maybe it is a late model, or the crown was fitted as that was all that was left, who knows, but I’m not going to worry about a Heuer signed crown.

Article on the Carrera Lemania 5100 by Chuck Maddox.

This model was available in two variations, this one with the PVD finish, and the stainless steel model (510.523), which had polished sides and a sunburst brush finish to the upper case.. this is now on my hit list too.

Seen here in the Heuer 1983 Catalogue, and the 1984/5 catalogue via On The Dash.

Carrera 510.511 PVD

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April 21, 2012 at 7:23 pm