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Heuer Diver 973.006 / 2000 Series

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Heuer Diver 2000 Series 973.006 1984-5

There are some Heuers that disappear into the twilight zone period of late Heuer/early TAG Heuer, and this is one such watch. A benefit of this period is that these late pieces are much easier to date, especially this model. It is listed in the 1984 catalogue and probably only had circa 12 months of selling time before the TAG takeover. This is why these ‘twilight dwellers’ are so difficult to find, either to buy or even research.
This makes them incredibly rare, not necessarily in the ‘worth a fortune’ way, but in scarcity.. you’d be hard pressed to find one in several years of looking. Even trying to Google this model will most probably (at time of writing) only come up with a few hits, and those are likely to be for the TAG Heuer version. Even trawling through the Heuer catalogues on OTD will yield no results (the TAG version is present), it’s not even in the rather extensive diver master table. (the 2000 series isn’t covered yet – at time or writing).

It is however listed in the index of the 1984 Heuer catalogue, and in the 1985 catalogue, but actual pictures aren’t available on OTD, good job I’ve a old catalogue kicking around – see pics below.

This particular model was the largest they made in the ‘973.xxx’ 2000 divers, signified by the Heuer code of ‘006’ being 41.5mm inc. the crown.  What is very satisfying about this model are the ‘pointing away’ triangles for the hour markers , they have a very classic vintage shape to them, and a more tool-like appearance. It had a no-nonsense military look to it with it’s factory beadblasted case & bracelet. It’s a nice size too, with 20mm lugs and slim profile at just under 9mm, it’s just crying out to sit on a NATO. But, personally, this is one model that looks great on the standard Heuer bracelet or vintage leather. In short, this is one cool and very scarce diver.

973.006 in the Heuer 1984 Catalogue


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October 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm