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Autavia 11630 MH Silver Dial

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Heuer Autavia 11630 MH  Silver Dial, Cal. 12. c1976 Serial 260217

Sublime, stunning, beautiful. These words are often banded around when commenting on a nice looking watch. I know I’m guilty of throwing around these sort of compliments at other peoples pride and joys. The problem is, when something truly gorgeous comes along, I find myself digging around my vocabulary for something more fitting, more apt. I’m struggling right now. So I’m just gonna say that the silver dialed 11630 is f*ckin’ ice cool.

While the white dialed Autavia Siffert gets all the glory, it’s cousin, the 11630 Silver dial is not far behind in my book, it is simply a cracker. The brushed silver dial has so many different looks as it catches the ever changing light conditions.

This particular example was an ebay punt and it was a bit of an ugly duckling when I opened the package from Germany. It was a mess. Incorrect pushers and crown, beaten-up case, incorrect plastic domed crystal with a silver rehaut added on top of the original rehaut, the hands were in a bad way & it needed a service too…

My knee-jerk reaction was to sell it on as quick as I could, but I decided to save it, get it back to it’s former glory. The dial was in good nick, with a lovely bit of patina. So, off it went to Belgium for a makeover. Those of you who know Abel don’t need any introduction, he worked his Jedi-like magic on it. Thanks Abel, you are a genius.

What I love about it is that it’s not ‘as new’ mint, it still retains a whiff of ‘wabi’ which suits it perfectly!

Oh, and it is very photogenic…

Prior to restoration… it was a mess…

Written by Heuerville

May 22, 2011 at 5:41 pm