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Autavia 1163v (Parnelli Jones – Viceroy Racing Team)

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Heuer Autavia 1163v Tachy, Cal. 11-I, c1972-3

Unlike many Heuers, this one is slightly easier to date, as it is driven by the Cal. 11-I movement. These were only in production from 1969 to 1973. After that, Heuer replaced it with the Cal. 12. This example is likely to be towards the later part of that date range due to the Schmitz case (Serial 272xxx), identified by the cut-outs front and back that house the pushers.

The Cal. 11-I is essentially a slightly modified Cal. 11. This came about as the Cal. 11 was rushed to market in the race to become the World’s first automatic chronograph. It won, but unfortunately there were a few minor design flaws, which saw problems appearing very quickly, so the re-engineered movement became the Cal. 11-I. Click here for a comparison of the movements.

This model had no name given to it by Heuer, only the code model no. It was given its name, ‘Viceroy’, by collectors who fondly assign names to easily identify specific models or colourways. This model was used as a promotional product for Viceroy cigarettes, who sponsored the ‘Parnelli Jones – Viceroy Racing team’. The promotion was to own an official Team Heuer chronograph at a knock down price – simply send the end of a cigarette carton & $88 to buy the watch, which normally retailed at $200. More here

I’ve said it many times.. I love these Viceroys, they are the essence of Heuer to me. They have the unofficial Heuer colours, and the handset is almost identical to the iconic Monaco. Sure, the ‘Siffert’ is a show stopper, especially with its driver connection, and all that entails – motorsport, racing, bravery, the hay-day of motorsport. But.. lets not forget that the humble Viceroy also inhabited that era, with several known racing drivers of the time seen sporting one – Derek Bell and Graham Hill, not forgetting it’s role in the race to develop the world’s first automatic chronograph.

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August 22, 2011 at 1:59 pm

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  1. […] already have in my collection a regular 1163V Viceroy model, so when I decided to go for a 11630 version, I knew what I was getting, so there wasn’t a […]

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