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Heuer Ladies Diver 980.038/17

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980.038/17 Ladies diver. 200m 28mm gold-plated case, gold & slate grey bezel. ESA quartz. c1984

I’ve never handled a 28mm case Heuer diver before, and it’s surreal, it’s so strange to see all the usual Heuer markings and hardware but on such a small scale – it’s tiny, and very appealing. You can almost cover the whole watch your thumb. Its petite dimensions can be seen when compared with its 42mm case big brother in the photo below (and the dollar bill above). The dainty dial and hands are in superb condition and are fascinating to study – the deep brown patina’d dial is very pleasing against the gilt markings and hands. The lume  still has a healthy glow to it. I treated it to a NOS Certina Swiss 14mm leather strap as the original gold plate bracelet has seen many better days.

I bought this out of curiosity, as the model number wasn’t immediately known to me.  If you look at the OnTheDash reference table, there is no 980.038/17.
The closest match is 980.017, which is a Ladies 28mm with gold plated case, black dial and black bezel. There is also a 980.038, described as an ‘Economy version’ Ladies 28mm chrome plated case. So, going by the Heuer reference numbers, I believe this 980.038/17 is an economy version with gold plated case. What makes it the ‘economy version’?  Well, the bezel is an aluminium one piece with PVD markings – as opposed to the standard ladies divers that have stainless steel bezels and a separate aluminium insert.

The ladies 980.038 chrome plated brother in the 1984 catalogue…

Written by Heuerville

July 10, 2011 at 8:59 pm

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