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Heuer Diver 984.424 Dual Time Gold

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Heuer Diver 984.424, 200m, Dual Time, Gold plate, oversized 42mm case. NOS.

This rarely seen all gold (plate) diver is the only gold dialed diver that Heuer made. The dial has a rather stunning sunburst effect. The analogue features only minute and hour hands, the ‘seconds’ being catered for by the digital readout. It also has a Heuer signed crown which the early Heuer oversized divers lacked.

This 984.424 is truly NOS and is exceptional, but unfortunately it is movement-less! It appears to be straight out of the factory, as it has a plastic movement blank that holds everything in place. This plastic holder even has a rather realistic digital readout mimic screen. Maybe this was a window display watch, or more likely, this was how they were stored in the factory prior to movement fitting. It still has the protective sticker on the caseback.

There are many that subscribe to the notion that diver watches are tools, and as such, should be no-nonsense stainless steel or PVD. This is a sentiment that I agreed with, until I got my hands on this watch, it really is something special. In my (humble) opinion, it’s a shame that Heuer never made a regular non-digital version of this watch.

ESA Y2 900.231 7-jewel analogue/LCD movement
Unfortunately, these dual time movements are extremely scarce, and extremely fragile, if online chatter is correct. I’ve read that ‘shorting’ the movement is easily done whilst simply changing the battery, and repair is pretty much impossible. I don’t wholly subscribe to this, I doubt ESA would have produced such a flawed movement, and if they had, I doubt that the likes of Heuer or Breitling would have installed them. In fact there are many ‘Y2’ powered watches still going strong. I would however, concede that repairs would be very tricky. As mentioned, other watchmakers used this movement,  Breitling fitted it in their Navitimer 2300 / Jupiter models amongst others. So there is no shortage of collectors trying to find mint examples of these movements.


Dual Time brothers in the 1984 Chronograph Catalogue


Written by Heuerville

October 17, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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  1. Hi.

    Hope you can help a newbie out.
    I am looking for some info on a gold Heuer watch. I cant find any info on it anywhere.
    The bezel does not look very orginal ? Have you seen this watch before ?



    You need to do a behind the scene on your photoshoot some day 🙂

    Thanks in advance


    November 26, 2014 at 7:02 pm

  2. Great, thanks alot for reply. That bezel need to come off! Do you have any ideas on another bezel that could fit this watch better ? Can i ask what do you think this watch is worth ( in EU,UK) with you knowledge ?


    November 26, 2014 at 7:37 pm

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